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Pillow makes short-term rentals legal so you can earn extra income without risking eviction.

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Pillow partners with your building so you can easily host travelers to earn extra income.
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Learn how the program works and have your lease amended online.

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Create a listing automatically while using Pillow's hosting solutions.

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Earn money by sharing a small percentage of your earnings.

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Create your Airbnb listing automatically, easily check-in guests, and utilize our network of Pros to prepare for your reservations.

What can you earn with your new perk this year?
Number of days you'll rent out your place this year
approx net earnings based on current location
Average rate also is based on the average rate in your zip code, or the national average if your zip code is not found. Also, includes a 75% average revenue share as included in the program.
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Host easily within your building

Streamline your reservations and earn extra income with your new amenity.

Built on trust & safety
With over 60 million guests every day, Airbnb prioritizes keeping its community safe and its hosts protected.
Utilize Airbnb's $1M Host Guarantee against damages and/or require a security deposit from guests.
Review reservation requests and approve guests; Airbnb requires guests to verify their profiles.
Leverage both Pillow and Airbnb's secure platform to handle inquiries, guest communication, and payments.