Become a Pillow Pro

Earn money and claim tasks that work with your schedule.

Prepare Homes for Airbnb Reservations

Pillow is a platform that provides Airbnb hosts with the services they need to manage their short-term rental reservations with ease. As a Pillow Pro, you will use our app to find and confirm pre-scheduled cleanings near you. You set your hourly rate, and you'll see all the details before accepting a cleaning.

Smartphone, vehicle, cleaning supplies, and appliances (e.g. vacuum)

Simple Job Management - All Through Our App
Use our app to find, complete, and track your tasks.
Manage Tasks

Use the app to find cleanings that work best for you and your schedule.

Complete Activities

Find all the necessary info to get the job done within the app’s detailed task list.

Get Paid

Payments are applied directly to your bank account once an activity is completed!

Day in the life of a Pillow Pro

1. Receive notifications of available activities

2. Accept tasks that fit your schedule

3. See address and parking details in the app

4. Start the activity

5. Complete all tasks

6. Get paid!