Profit from short-term rentals on your terms

Gain the transparency and control you need to confidently permit Airbnb and increase your NOI.

See how much your building can earn
Get a customer market report for your building.
Partner with your residents to earn ancillary revenue
Pillow is a revenue share program that's safe, transparent, and compliant.
Legal Framework

Residents sign a lease addendum so hosting short-term rentals is 100% legal and compliant.

Safe & Compliant

Verified guests and service providers follow clear building guidelines to keep your building safe.

Shared Profits

Building Owners and Residents share a percentage of the earnings from every Airbnb reservation.

Have full transparency
We monitor multiple platform usage

You'll also control the total available nights per building and unit, for maximum assurance.

Provide a new amenity for your residents
Achieve higher occupancy rates

Offer a competitive, unique, and attractive perk that decreases vacancy rates.

Utilize our tech-forward solutions
Everything from trusted vendors to secure access

Residents receive a full-service solution that makes hosting easier with automated listing creation, secure building access, and a verified professional network of trusted turnover assistance.

As an owner, you have access to reporting dashboards that monitor and include detailed insights into your entire property portfolio and its performance.

Earn from your vacant space
Manage it all from one easy place

Property Managers can list all of your vacant inventory and utilize short-term rentals until you find a long-term resident.

Short-term rentals continue to rise
With over 60 million guests, Airbnb usage only continues to grow. Pillow itself has managed over 25,000 reservations.
Avoid unknown visitors, safety problems, and overlooked revenue from uncontrolled usage.
Remove resident friction and the need to deal with eviction costs and procedures.
Remain compliant in your local legislation by adhering to all necessary rules and regulations.


Millennials, largest renter generation


Residents interested in short-term rentals


Reservations in multifamily buildings


Booked nights managed by Pillow